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Monday, May 20, 2019

The dirt on what's new in the 'food, field to fork' family and what's in our dirt this season

We've notice there have been several other sites and organization who have 'jumped on the wagon' supporting sustainable living. Hats off to the following (in no specific order):

University of North Dakota on topics on how to 'Safely Growing, Processing and Selling Specialty Crops in North Dakota' and cool other stuff---check it out

Facebook 'Food, Field to Fork' that features the dandy 26 family recipes in our book --- cook 'em up.

Field to Fork - Why Local Food Matters It's a cool video for ALL AGES on YouTube. The site indicates: 'these four animations were made by Worth Valley Yfc with the help of ITV fixers as part of our Field to Fork project. The project aims to educate primary-school-aged children in why local food matters supported by South Pennines Leader and Keighley Area Committee.'

Field to Fork Festival [that we missed last month in England -- but there is always next year] We'd love to bring our book and check out how the British do sustainable.

The Pesticide Action Network -- North Amercia focusing on the virtues of pesticide free gardening and farming....along with instruction on the drawbacks of using pesticides

We've planted loads of potatoes and onions this gardening season. How about you, what's in your dirt?  



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Tuesday, December 27, 2016
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Frame your mind right and land on the top of the old Food Guide Pyramid. All foods can fit in a healthy diet. Having a "jones" for Chinese food and knowing it's usually loaded with sodium I set my sights on finding a good Chinese eatery at my destination, Lincoln, NE. Looking for preferably a Chinese spot that cooked mostly Mandarin I found my urge satisfied. The IMPERIAL PALACE  at 701 North 27th, Lincoln, NE fit perfectly into my need to get that Bay Area Chinese food fix. Thanks to recs from a clerk at a locate store....then a second from the buffed out bank teller -- i was on my way. Remember, 27th Street means Asia food when in Lincoln, NE. Ordered cashew chicken and it was served in a timely fashion and tasted very good. Next time I will order seafood and will let you know my findings. At a final price of $6.50 includining tax, no one could complain...with very good eggdrop soup and hot Chinese tea to start with the traditional white rice and cashew chicken to follow....who could complain? I'm not. Yum. Portion so big that I had a repeat for my evening meal. On my way out the owner gave me a Chinese calendar as a Happy New Year gift. Wally would have said, "Gee thanks" and so did I.  The next time you are in the capital city of Nebraska....Lincoln. Don't just think football, think Chinese food. Think Imperial Palace. ( NE, Nebraska, MSG, Chinese, 27th Street and Vine, cheap, great food, chicken, 402-747-2688)
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

  • Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast.

  • If you're preparing the lunch for your child --- include your child in the preparation of at least one item included in their lunch.

  • Aim to have the 'sweet' in your lunch be fruit or contain at least 5 grams of fiber/serving

  • Remember to start with clean hands, surfaces, fruits and vegetables.

  • Be sure lunch includes foods from the ChooseMyPlate model (fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy).

  • Provide a healthy morning or afternoon snack for the 'tween time

  • Keep hot lunch hot and cold lunch cold (use insulated containers keeping hot foods @/> 140F/73.9C and cold foods @/< 40F/4.4C)

  • Don’t over pack the bag lunch to avoid leftovers and food safety issues.

Need recipe ideas?






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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Gardening Galore -- HAPPY HOE DOWN
It's Saturday night and I am excited. Why? Spring is on its way and tomorrow is set aside to plan the Spring garden -- commit my thoughts to paper. I love it. Always remember the first rule of gardening -- plant the right plant in the right place. Probably leaf lettuce, radishes, arugula (so easy to grow), beets and peas will be first in the ground this year. These are all easily grown from seed. Cool Tell me about your "dirty" garden plans. Read more about how gardening in FOOD, Field to Fork. 
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